Gisella Stapleton is a Peruvian Artist based in London. In 2002 she moved to Spain where she graduated from Valladolid and Salamanca Universities. She has been living in London since 2011 where she took a course in The University of the Arts London (UAL).  

"I have had a passion for painting since childhood, where I was exposed to the arts through many family members. Music and crafts were always part of my life in Peru as a pastime and as a way of expression. My mother painted recreationally and she taught me how to use her materials. From there I experimented and continued to develop my skills independently"
Gisella's work is particularly influenced by her experiences in Peru and her travels around the world. Women, musicians, children and everyday scenes are prominent in many of her paintings. She is captivated with body language and emotions, this in conversation with a blend of intense colours to bring the canvas to life and convey a melodic impression in her paintings 
“Colours are happiness, positivity, dreams, energy, hopes; my life is filled with them and I love using them in my paintings, that is the best way to express myself”  

Gisella is a born experimenter, she loves constantly testing new mediums and techniques in her work. She also like trying different styles as she consider this is the best way of learning, as Matisse said:

"An artist should never be a prisoner of himself, prisoner of style, prisoner of reputation, prisoner of success, etc."

She is currently working with acrylics but she also works with mixed media (Acrylics, spray paint, ink, paper sourced from books, newspapers and songs with inspirational words)