Kit King (born 1987) is Canadian artist currently living and working in Curran, Ontario.

"Through a focus on hyperrealism, my paintings are reflections of identity and intimacy within the ephemeral visual relationships around us. Using mainly oil paint as my medium, I use a combination of smooth hyperreal renderrings and the antithesiszed texturally focused impasto work, to create sensitive portaits that capture fleeting moments that affect our emotional state from a singular glance, under the aegis of a heightened sense of reality and dimension. 

My current body of works are vulnerable forms and portraits that serve to share the intimate -and often emotional- artist introspection with the viewer. With a focus on light and textural dimension, and how these elements can alter the relationship of a viewer and subject, the goal is to provide and entrance for the audience to one transient moment of connection.

I do not merely want to capture an image, but rather breathe a vital life force into transformed renditions of the world around me. I want my works to evoke a deep sense of emotion, influenced not only from an in-depth tangibility executed through a high level of detail, but married with a sincere passionate portrayal of contemporary art. "


  • 2016 Winner of The Kingston Prize portrait competition Peoples Choice award (Galerie d'art Desjardins)

  • 2016 Winner of The Kingston Prize portrait competition Peoples Choice award (Beaverbrook Art Gallery)

  • 2016 Honourable mention- Gamblin Torrit Contest

  • 2015 Winner of The Kingston Prize portrait competiton Peoples Choice award (Gananoque preview exhibition.

  • 2015 Kingston Prize Portrait competition Finalist.

  • 2014 Winner of the Trekell Fine Art Supplies x Society6 Product line contest.

  • 2014 Winner of the Trekell Fine Art Supplies Painting Contest.

  • 2013 1st place Winner of Memento Publishing's Holy Inspiration Contest


Select Publications 

(excluding online publications):

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