Meir Pichhadze (1955, Georgia – 2010, Israel) was an Israeli artist and painter. He begin to study art at the age of 12.

Meir Pichhadze immigrated with his family to Israel in 1973 from Georgia. He regarded Makvalla his 23 year old sister as a source of inspiration., and painted in her style. Both of them were formed by Rezo Ramishvili a well know Georgian sculptor.

His talent was discovered by journalists in 1975 when he exhibited with his sister at Tsavta and Beit Sokolov.
In 1980 ,the transition on Pichhadze‘s work took place, following the tragic suicide of his sister Makvalla, and parallel to his decision to study art in Tel aviv. "I wanted to escape the kind of art i was making, i had attained the highest degree of classical execution" he says. This shift was occur two years after his sister‘s death, when he began to question the Georgian culture. He did everything to leave the classical painting and painted self portraits,expressionist paintings. During these years his developed his new artistic language.

During the 1980 years his work was influenced by post-modern artists . His paintings were exhibited in well known Israeli galleries.

Pichhadze was a unusual figure in the Israeli art world, which was manifested by painting on black canvas instead of the traditional white. "I prefer to start painting by covering the canvas in black, like an existential bedding and then illuminate it," he once said.

In 2010, Pichhadze died at the age of 54 after a six-month battle with cancer.